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Karym Barhom

Karym Barhom - Middle East Regional Director

In 2009, Karym was introduced to Frisbee at Ultimate Peace’s first event in Tel Aviv. From 2007-2011, Karym studied and received his Bachelors of Arts in Informal Education at Beit Berl College in Kfar Saba. Karym’s extensive background in playing and coaching soccer was a natural fit for Ultimate. His work experience includes coaching many kids and young adults in Soccer, which he continues today. He also worked for five years as an Activities Director for Noar HaOved in Tel Aviv...

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Abe Chiswick

Abe Chiswick - Middle East Regional Manager

Abe began playing ultimate, as many people did, at summer camp.  His first organized competitive ultimate was for NYU’s Purple Haze in their inaugural seasons.  After moving to Israel, Abe searched out the local ultimate scene and has been deeply involved ever since.  He helped found Haifa’s Hucking Crazy club team, which ten years later is one of the most stable and long lasting teams in the country.  He has worked and volunteered with the Israeli Flying Disc Association running...

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Rachel Winner

Rachel Winner - LIT Program Manager

Rachel started playing ultimate in 2005 when she joined the Dickinson College Jive Turkeys as a freshman. She captained her senior year and dabbled in international play in Argentina, Brazil, China and Mexico. She played mid-level club in Tennessee and North Carolina and capped her competitive career with Cahoots from Asheville, NC before moving to the Middle East for a change of scenery. She joined UP as a volunteer in 2014 and as a staff member in 2015. She is the director of the Leaders-in-Training...

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Scott Graber

Scott Graber - Senior UP Fellow & LIT Program Leader

I’ve been playing and coaching Ultimate since middle school, when my cousins taught me to play. Bringing it back to Tenafly, NJ, I taught it to anyone who would listen, joined the the Tenafly High School Really Good Tigers and ended up captaining for 3 years. I then went to Carleton College and played for the Karls and the Gods of Plastic, which I captained my senior year. I also co-founded the Bergen County Ultimate Disc League in North Jersey in 2012 and I’ve played for Ultimars...

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Eric Rait

Eric Rait - LIT Program Leader & UPME Board of Directors

Eric Rait was born and raised in the US and started playing ultimate in high school in the 1970s, when there were even fewer rules governing the game. He played for a couple years on the Tufts team and then moved to Israel, where he initially focused on growing tomatoes, cucumbers and dates at Kibbutz Lotan. The next time he tried to play ultimate was at Cornell in the early 1990s and the game had changed (so had he apparently) – fouls had specific names, and the game was a bit less laid back...

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Shadda Daburii

Shadda Daburii - LIT Program Leader

Shadda Daburii is from an Arab town in Israel she is 18 years old.
She joined UP and started playing ultimate in 2012, she is finishing high school this year.
She played with the national team of Israel for two years
Gratuated from the CIT (coaches in training) program in 2015 to become a UP coach.
Now she is a leader in the LIT program,
And assistant coach in Tamra practices.
Ultimate and Ultimate Peace has changed her life in many good different ways.

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Dan Tapuach

Dan Tapuach - Media and Development Manager

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel
How long you have been playing frisbee: I’ve been playing Ultimate for 8 years.
With what community you work: Daburia, Kfar Tavor, Buena Nujidat, Tuba Zangaria
Brief history of playing experience: Playing ultimate since 2003. Have been playing in different club teams around Israel along the years, and some competitive ultimate in the States. In 2011 became a coach for the Israeli national youth teams and flew as a coach to EYUC 2011 in Poland....

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Hosa Roman

Hosa Roman - Gear Coordinator

Hosa or Muhammed is from Ein Rafa and started playing Ultimate in 2010.  He began as a camper in the first UP camp.  He graduated in 2015 from the CIT ( coaches in training) program to become a UP coach....

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David Barkan

David Barkan - UPME Board of Directors

David lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He also volunteers year-round for Ultimate Peace, and is the Director of Camp UP in Acco Israel every summer.  David has led many Ultimate teams over the course of his thirty-year career to compete at the highest national and international levels of the sport.  He has coached youth Ultimate for over 30 years on 4 continents, won a world championship as a player in 1995, and was inducted into the USA Ultimate Hall of Fame in 2010....

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Linda Sidorsky

Linda Sidorsky - UPME Board of Directors

Linda lives in rural western Massachusetts in the small town of Shelburne Falls. She is one of the co-founders of Ultimate Peace along with David Barkan and Dori Yaniv. As an unpaid volunteer she devotes her time and energy all year to Ultimate Peace as the organization’s COO. She is also the Director of Operations and oversees “Measurements...

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