April 20 – May 2 , 2013: Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco

Arab, Jewish, and Palestinian youth compete without referees and thrive!
A dynamic multicultural group of young leaders from the Middle East will tell their stories of friendship and personal growth on a 4-city tour this spring. Speaking in New York, Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco from April 20th – May 2nd, the teens will describe how the player-controlled sport of Ultimate Frisbee, and the program, Ultimate Peace, have changed their lives.

The Program: Ultimate Peace (UP) builds bridges of friendship and understanding among Arabs and Jews from Israel and Palestinians living in the West Bank, using the character building team sport of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) as context. One of the fastest growing games in the world, Ultimate prioritizes sportsmanship and does not use referees. UP teaches its diverse participants to play on the same team and settle all on field differences by themselves. The program then supports youth to apply these valuable gains off the field.

Grooming Future Leaders: For the last two years, a dedicated group of 16 UP teen participants have engaged in the year-round “Coaches in Training” Program. This youth leadership project prepares high school students for coaching in Ultimate Peace and assuming other leadership roles in their communities. On their first US Tour, these courageous youth will present to and dialogue with American students and adults in schools, community centers and homes across the country. Their triumphs and struggles in the program and the complexities of their daily lives will be highlighted.

Tour Events: The USA tour will offer the unique chance for Americans to meet and interact with a highly compelling group of teens. Their message is grounded in hope, yet colored by the sobering reality of the regional conflict, so the events in each city will be interactive, moving, and thought provoking. Dialogues, events and presentation dates will soon be announced. Stay tuned!

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Schedule of Events – East Coast:

  • Welcome Dinner: Friday April 19th, by invitation
  • Ultimate Clinic with Ironside and Brute Squad, Saturday April 20th, Time and Location TBD, invitation only for participants, spectators welcome
  • “Taste of Middle East Culture, UP participant presentation and activities, food, dance music and fun, Saturday April 20th, 7 – 10:00 pm Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain everyone welcome”
  • Ultimate Peace Delegation Presentation followed by Meet and Greet, NYC, by invitation
  • UP Presentation, Monday, April 22nd, 10 am, Cambrige School of Weston, open to the CSW school community
  • UP Presentation followed by meet and greet, Monday, April 22nd, 7:30 pm, Northeastern University,McCleod Suites, Curry Student Center, open to public
  • UP presentation, Tuesday, April 23, 10 am to noon, open to UMB community
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, Donor Circle – by invitation only
  • Send off Party – Tuesday evening for UP Delagation and Host Families only

Our Sponsors and Hosts: Boston and New York:

  • University of Massachusetts – Boston
  • Northeastern University – Boston
  • Newton North High School and Community – Boston
  • Cambridge School of Weston – Boston
  • Spontaneous Celebrations – Boston
  • Esther Jesurum and Jeff Brown – Boston
  • Varinda Missett and Eric Straus – NYC

Our Supporters: Boston and New York:

  • Eben Weitzman, Chair, Department of Conflict Resolution; University of MA Boston – Boston
  • Dan Leibowiz, Ex Dir. Sport in Society, Northeastern University – Boston
  • Chris Roberts – Newton North High School Host Family Coordinator – Boston
  • Ironside Ultimate – Boston
  • Brute Squad Ultimate – Boston
  • Misha Sidorsky and Russell Wallach, Ironside Ultimate – Event Coordinators – Boston
  • Kylie Millburn and Anne Hurley-University of MA, Boston – Event Coordinators – Boston
  • Richardhy Grandoit, Sport and Society, Northeastern University- Event Coordinator – Boston
  • Matt Anderson – Newton North High School – Event Coordinator – Boston
  • Arlo Furst – Cambridge School of Weston – Event Coordinator – Boston
  • Claire DeRosa – event coordinator – Boston
  • Karen Bommart – Battery Ventures – Boston

Special Thanks to our Host Families

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