What is Ultimate Peace?
Established in 2008, Ultimate Peace is an organization that uses the exhilarating and fun sport of Ultimate Frisbee to build community, unite people, and educate youth around the world (read more).
What is Ultimate Peace in the Middle East?
The organizers of Ultimate Peace bring together disadvantaged youth from Palestinian, Arab Israeli, and Israeli Jewish communities to learn, play and unite around the sport of Ultimate (read more).
Are you using only Ultimate on your workshops?
Ultimate is the main tool we use due to its unique team and character-building characteristics, yet we will also introduce different disc sports, including games of simple throw and catch, Freestyle, Disc Golf and more. Sometimes, the best results emerge from the simplest games.
Can I become an Ultimate Peace coach?
Coaching applications for Camp UP are usually online around January and February for camp during the summer. If you are going to be in the region during the academic year, get in touch to see how you can get involved.
How can I help?
Presently, we need all the help we can get raising funds for our upcoming events. If you are interested in spreading the word, please contact us – we want as many people on our team as possible.

  1. Become a fan on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ultimate-Peace/42420530587
  2. Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/UltimatePeace
  3. Tell your friends about us:
    • ultimatepeace.org
    • Post in relevant blogs, forums, groups, social networks, mailing lists
    • Send us links to your posts so we can integrate them
  4. Join the event – we are going to have a sweet event this summer with some of the greatest players in the world.
  5. Donate Financial crisises around the world will make it almost impossible to get sponsors on board… we depend mainly on personal and team contributions. We have cool gifts for donors at all levels!
How do I get updates about Ultimate Peace?
We will be posting new information on the website on a regular basis. You can also become a “fan” of Ultimate Peace on Facebook, where you can see who else is involved and get notification of posted updates.
I have an idea for an Ultimate Peace event.
Let us know! We are eager to support and collaborate whenever possible.
How can i embed an Ultimate Peace logo on my site/blog?
We would appreciate your support on spreading the word around by placing our logo and a link to our site. Please send us a link to where you put it (for special banners requests please email us).
What will my donation accomplish?
Your generous gift to Ultimate Peace will unite divided youth, bring hope into their lives, and provide them with tools they will need to make peace in their collective future.
How does Ultimate Peace spend its donated funds?
We support our 3 primary programs: Year-round Program, Summer Camp, and the Leadership-In-Training Program.UP 2015 Expenses