Joe Seidler (US) – Overall Internet Project Manager

I have never played Ultimate. But when our son began playing at U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992, we went to a few tournaments and were hooked. We attended dozens and dozens of college and club tournaments traveling around the US and World to watch our son’s teams. I became a USA Ultimate (previously the UPA) board member from 2002-2004 (first non-player ever). In 2005 I published the first book on the history of the sport, “ULTIMATE — The First Four Decades”. I met David Barkan when my son began playing on the Matza Balls team in the SF Bay Area that David founded, and I have proudly supported David’s Ultimate Peace efforts ever since. I am an Internet Marketing consultant. I live in San Francisco with my wife, and our sons and 3 grandchildren also live in the SF Bay Area.

Website Design and Development

Abe Chiswick (Israel) – Website Leader

Abe ChiswickAbe played for NYUs Purple Haze before it was cool, helped found Haifas Hucking Crazy club team, and is in his third season as one of the coaches for the Israeli National Junior Women’s Ultimate Team. He has been involved with UP since 2009, and wouldnt dream of having it any other way. In his free time, he helps organize Ultimate tournaments in Israel. Abe lives in Nazareth Ilit in an Urban Kibbutz, and when not involved in disc related activities he builds websites and web apps.

Yuval ‘Zolo’ Zolotushko (Israel) – Website Task Force

Jason Seidler (US) – Website hosting and domain maintenance

Website Content

Jen Burney (US) – Catalyst Page and Equipment Donation Page Leader

Dan Tapuach (Israel) – Partners Page Leader

Dan Curme (US) – Coaches Pages Leader


Abe Chiswick (Israel) – Blog Leader

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Sarah VanWagenen (US) – Blog Task Force


Rachael Cerrotti (US) – Video Leader

Rachael is new to the sport of Ultimate, but has very quickly fallen in love with the community. She was drawn to Ultimate Peace by her combined interest of photojournalism and Middle Eastern culture. Rachael spent her time at Ultimate Peace camp with two cameras around her shoulders, eagerly documenting the truly incredible work that this organization does. The family-like atmosphere at camp made her feel at home with the diverse group of staff members, coaches and campers. Since returning back to her home in Boston, Rachael has been working with the organization as their development and media coordinator.

Dan Tapuach (Israel) – Video Task Force

Josh Seamon (US) – Video Task Force

Josh has been playing, coaching, and organizing Ultimate for the past 20 years. After playing for two years in High School in Amherst, MA, where he was on the inaugural USA HS national championship team, he migrated west and played four years of Ultimate in Claremont, CA. Two months after graduating from Pomona College in ’02, Josh found himself teaching HS Math at St. Johnsbury Academy in the northern reaches of VT, far away from large groups of organized Ultimate. Over the past 10 years Josh has worked in the world of Ultimate on the local, regional, national, and international level. He founded the Vermont Youth Ultimate League, the St. Johnsbury Academy Invitational, Vermont State Championship, and a Varsity level Boys and Girls Ultimate program at St. Johnsbury Academy. Outside of coaching at his high school, he has coached at every Youth Club Championship in all three divisions and runs two additional Youth Club teams. For the past six years Josh has run USA Ultimate coaching clinics across the Eastern Seaboard. Josh served on USA Ultimate’s Board of Directors from ’08-’10, acting as the Secretary and one of Team USA2009’s managers. For the past two years he has worked as USA Ultimate Regional Youth Director for the Northeast. Last summer Josh joined Ultimate Peace as the Director of Ultimate and Coaching. In addition to helping train UP coaches, Josh was involved in UP’s media production, putting together a daily camp newsletter each morning and video taping as much of camp as possible. You can read all about Josh’s Ultimate Peace experiences at


Roy Hodgman (US) – Photo Leader

Rachael Cerrotti (US) – Photo Task Force

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Dan Curme (US) – Facebook Leader

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