Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Eytan Deener-Agus

Eytan Deener-Agus

Hailing from outside of Boston, MA, Eytan caught ultimate fever his first year of high school after a friend convinced him to try out for the school’s team. Ever since then, anyone who knows Eytan will admit it is impossible to find Eytan without a disc in hand or readily accessible. After four years of non-stop practice in high school, he was voted co-captain of his Jewish day school’s mixed team, “The Red Heifers.”

Between high school and college, Eytan took off of school for a year to be in Israel where he studied ancient Jewish texts on top of a mountain in the Golan Heights at a seminary (“yeshiva” in Hebrew). There, together with the variety of other family trips to Israel, Eytan developed a deep connection to Israel and made many Israeli friends.

On returning from the mountain, Eytan moved back to America and joined the University of Pennsylvania’s B-Team, “Null,” where he was voted captain of the team his freshmen year. Now, a sophomore in college, Eytan plays on Penn’s D-I A team, “Void” where he also serves as the social captain. As an observant Jew, Eytan does not drive or use electricity on Shabbat (Saturdays) so he always brings his bike to college tournaments to ride from the hotel to the field every Shabbat morning and back in the evening. So far, he has made it to every tournament with only getting lost once!

For the past three summers, Eytan has coached an ultimate team of 7-8th graders at Camp Ramah New England.

Eytan is so excited to join the ranks of Camp UP coaches and cannot wait to meet everyone else!