Josh McCarthy

After falling in love with Ultimate at high school (debate!) camps and in pick-up games with my friends on the local town green, I began playing competitively my freshman year at Duke University back in 1993.  Undeterred by my lack of any semblance of a forehand (sadly still true), I could not get enough of the sport, playing as much as possible on basically a year-round basis into my early 20s.  Since my days in college, I have played for various open teams in the United States, including Raleigh Ring of Fire (late 1990s), Boston Death or Glory (mid 2000s, after its hey-day) and finally Boston Ironside in 2009.  I began coaching Ultimate in 2004 for the Harvard men’s club team, a stint that lasted eight, great seasons.  Subsequently, I transitioned fully from player to coach in 2010, hanging up the cleats (but for the occasional Goaltimate game) to coach Ironside, which proved to be another rewarding eight-year venture.  I have been truly blessed to have so many fulfilling experiences involving this sport, and am now eager to give back to the Ultimate Peace community as a coach.  Outside of Ultimate, I am the proud dad of daughter Eliot (age 8) and son Evan (age 5), and work as an in-house attorney for a small financial services firm in a suburb outside of Boston.