Krisztina Jozsef

Krisztina Jozsef

Nickname: KJ or KJo (or Peanut/Coconut if you’re Becca Tucker or Pebbles if you’re from UCLA)

Past Teams played for:

Club: New York City BENT 2011, San Diego KnockOut! 2010, New York City Puppet Regime 2009, Los Angeles Metro 2008, New York City Ambush 2007.

College: NYU Violet Femmes (2004-2007), UCLA Bruin Ladies Ultimate (2009-2011) as player and then coach! And TEAM ULTIMATE PINK at CAMP UP 2011!!

Girl guilty pleasure: I abbreviate everything. A SoCal habit that is hard to give up.

When does your beast mode come out: When it’s Game On.

Who is your alter ego/what do you do in the real world? I master architecture!

Proudest Ultimate moment: Coaching UCLA at the 2010 College National Championships when we upset University of Washington.

Best Ultimate lesson: When you give everything you have, no one can take anything away.

Favorite song to dance to: Anything by my girls Katy, Britney, Ke$ha and Rihanna.

Favorite sport besides ultimate: Gymnastics

Animal you most resemble: I have been told my spirit animal is a Dolphin because I dive/layout like one, and will do flips for food.

Any other random info you would like to share? I LOVE Ultimate Peace and everyone who participates. I had so much fun last year and have great memories and great lasting friendships from my time at UP. LOVE UP!!!