Lily Marzano

Hi, I’m Lily! I recently started playing Ultimate in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently a sophomore at The Paideia School. Before playing Ultimate this year, I have played almost every sport. After dancing for 5 years and playing club tennis and volleyball, I got into Ultimate. My coach at school suggested playing Ultimate and I fell in love! I have never regretted starting Ultimate and it has totally changed my life. I love Ultimate more than anything and plan to keep playing throughout high school and possibly in college. I plan to study abroad in college and Ultimate Peace has given me an opportunity to go overseas early, which is awesome! A teammate at Paideia showed me Ultimate Peace and I am extremely grateful to her for showing me this program. I am looking forward to July 8 and am counting down the days until camp. I am ecstatic to visit the Middle East for the first time and experience the culture and language. I am very excited to be able to be an LIT this summer doing my favorite thing! I have many years of leadership experience at an all girls summer camp. I absolutely cannot wait for great play this summer! For this summer, I am most looking forward to being able to spread the joy of playing Ultimate. Ultimate makes me so happy to do, even in the heat of Atlanta or Ashkelon!