Maya Perry

Maya began her ultimate days in 2009 as a wee freshman at the University of Vermont. After four years bringing the ruckus on the UVM Women’s ultimate team (Ruckus) she learned the ins and outs of cutting, hucking and hammering. Her enthusiasm for ultimate spread wherever she went finding the Ultimate community in Uganda, and helping to promote girls ultimate at her childhood summer camp Kenwood & Evergreen in New Hampshire. She continued to find ultimate in New York City where she played for MUD and Brooklyn leagues, as well as a season on the club team Brooklyn Book Club. Since her move to Israel in September 2015, Maya has been playing for the Haifa team.

Maya has been a regular UP coach for the Tamra year round practices and major UP events. You can often find Maya tossing Frisbees on the lovely Haifa beaches, hiking the Israel national trail, or literally in any crowd of people because she towers over everyone.