I was first exposed to Ultimate Frisbee in 2007 at the age of 17, when I was a Senior in high school. I was hooked immediately, and it has stayed a major part of my life ever since. After high school, I attended the University of Wyoming for four years. I immediately sought out the Ultimate team at the school. The team was small and inexperienced, but that didn’t matter. They welcomed me in and together we built a strong competitive team. More important though, I enjoyed meeting and playing with amazing individuals who are now some of my closest friends. That is my favorite part about Ultimate, the people. Wherever you go there is a community of great people waiting for you through Ultimate.

After graduating in 2011, I moved back to Colorado. Later that year, my coach from high school, Fin, contacted me asking if I would be interested in helping to coach at my old high school, Monarch. I was a little skeptical at first, but I thought it would be nice to volunteer and give back a little to the sport I love so much. Looking back, my decision to give coaching a try has changed my life immensely, and I consider that decision to be one of the most impactful in my life so far. I have enjoyed coaching ever since. It still amazes me how much I get back from volunteering as a coach. That’s the little secret about volunteering for something you believe in. You end up getting so much more out of it then you put in.

Outside of Ultimate, I am a teacher at an elementary/middle school. When not teaching or coaching you’ll likely find me out on my bike, camping, or, funds permitting, traveling the globe.