Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Sam Chatterton-Kirchmeier

Sam C-K started playing ultimate at the ripe old age of 11 with the historic NOMS middle school team in Seattle. There, under the enthusiastic tutelage of coach Joe B, he found both the sport and friends that would remain huge parts of his life from then on. It was the combination of camaraderie, fun, learning, teaching, hard work and passion to play that hooked C-K on ultimate. 20 years later these elements continue to guide his approach to playing and coaching, help to define successful team experiences, and drive Sam’s excitement to be a part of the Ultimate Peace program!

After playing college ultimate at UC Santa Cruz, C-K returned to Seattle to play with Sockeye, as well as to coach at his alma matter NOMS and then at Nathan Hale High School. 2009 marked a transition year in life and ultimate, playing with the US National Team in Taiwan before moving to Atlanta and starting med school. Since that time he has learned to embrace the long ball through playing with Chain Lightning, decided to pursue pediatric medicine, and gotten married to Ultimate Peace veteran Liz Duffy! Sam is eager to become a part of the Ultimate Peace family, and follow in the footsteps of previous coaches who he highly respects as players and people, on and off the ultimate field. Also, Sam loves games – frisbee games, ball games, board games, water games, game shows, ancient games, made up games, goofy games – and is looking forward to playing many games and learning new games in Acco this summer!