Tom began his days as an Ultimate player in some really awful (but awfully fun!) pick-up games in high school. He could little have imagined where it would lead. In fall of 2008, he discovered competitive Ultimate as a freshman at Dickinson College, and has been hooked ever since. On top of summer league experiences in Philadelphia and Albany, he has also spent two seasons playing for a mid-level mixed team, the Albany Airbenders.

He is also a high school social studies teacher, which has been his dream job since about fifth grade. He’s made his teaching home at Burr and Burton Academy, surrounded by inspirational students and faculty. That dream job was made even better when administration supported his creation of an Ultimate team, and over the last four years he’s had a blast teaching high school players about the joys of Ultimate. With the recognition of Ultimate as a Varsity sport in Vermont, he’s also excited to be BBA’s coach for the first ever high school Varsity Ultimate season!

Coming to Ultimate Peace Camp will be his first trip to Israel, and he can’t wait to learn and grow from the experience, and return to Vermont with new ideas on coaching, Spirit of the Game, and global citizenship.