Wanda Yuen

Wanda started playing ultimate in Hong Kong in 2009: she was watching one game and got kicked into action when one team was short of women. Since then she has fallen in love with ultimate and has been active in local leagues and Asian Tournaments – Hong Kong, various cities in China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan. Wanda has been helping with beginners’ training program and tournaments in Hong Kong.

The peace course in the Middle East is always her great concern. Wanda sees many conflicts are stemmed from misunderstanding, and she believes with less historical burden the younger generation in the region holds a great promise in building peace for the present and the future. Ultimate, which with its self-refereeing system demands sportsmanship the most, is the best mean (not to say fun too!) to build peace. The camp experience would definitely enhance understanding among the youths. Wanda is so excited to be part of the great cause.