Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Shada M. Nassar

  • Nevo Werner-Reiss

    Nevo Werner-Reiss
  • Heather Ann Brauer

    Heather Ann Brauer

    Much of Heather Ann’s passion lies in coaching and she has never had a more powerful coaching experience than at Camp UP in 2016.  She was so inspired by the campers, LITs, coaches, and staff at UP – it was remarkable to share and to learn from an incredible and diverse group of people.  Moments […]

  • Eran Brandeis

    Eran Brandeis

    I am from Jerusalem and started playing Ultimate in High school in 2007 I have since played in California, the Israeli national team and in Australia. I attended the first camp back in 2010 and got back to coaching with UP in 2014 in Jerusalem with the Experimental school and coaching in the 2015 UP […]

  • Danie Proby

    Danie Proby

    Danie Proby is known for despising free-time. She co-founded the only Ultimate Frisbee Academy in Canada (Elevate Ultimate), is a high school physical education teacher, and is pursuing her masters in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership at UBC. Finding creative ways to teach the sport to young people is her life passion. She grew […]