Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Events: Camp 2020

  • Emily Zukowski

    Emily Zukowski
  • Allegra Johnson McKee

    Allegra Johnson McKee

    Allegra is from Seattle, WA and can’t wait to coach at camp UP! She first discovered Ultimate in 6th grade, and now plays as a sophomore on Syzygy at Carleton College. On the field, she is a cutter who loves sprinting deep and getting up in the air. Allegra is passionate about using sport to […]

  • Selena Kleber

    Selena started playing Ultimate at Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia and now plays on the UNC Pleiades team. She has always been attracted to the sport because of the spirit, energy, and cool people involved in the community. She is studying Public Health with a possible minor in Spanish at UNC, Chapel Hill. She […]

  • Rita Feder

  • Claire Shoyer

    Claire Shoyer

    Claire discovered Ultimate in 2010 when she was placed on her summer camp’s Ultimate Frisbee team instead of the dance team. It was the best second choice she ever got! The first (and only) sport she has ever played, Ultimate changed Claire’s life as she continued to play throughout summer camp, high school, college, and […]