Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Events: CIT

  • Sarina Chalmers

    Sarina Chalmers

    Sarina Chalmers has been tossing frisbees since birth. She’s a junior at the Paideia School (ATL) and plays for their Varsity Girl’s team, Groove. She’s also played for Atlanta’s YCC team and the Israeli National Team at WJUC 2014. In addition to ultimate, Sarina’s passions include urban farming, Ira Glass, and National Parks. She invites […]

  • Matty McDaniel

    Matty McDaniel

    Matty is from Richmond, Virginia, which is also where his parents met while playing pick-up ultimate. He began playing himself in the spring of 2014 through Richmond Ultimate pick-up games and spring and summer leagues. He started practicing with Richmond Floodwall in 2015 and has continued ever since, while also playing for Team Israel U20 […]

  • Ruby Cassidy

    Ruby Cassidy

    My name is Ruby Cassidy and I’m a Junior living in Seattle Washington. I’ve been playing Ultimate Frisbee since 6th grade and totally fell in love with it. The teamwork and spirit of the game that is involved caught my heart. Frisbee is a huge part of my life and when I first heard about […]

  • Nick Chang

    Nick Chang

    Nick Chang was born in 1997 in Seattle, WA. He first played Ultimate in 7th grade and quickly fell in love with the sport. Nick played Ultimate with his middle school, and when he was a freshmen, he helped coach the middle school until the end of his sophomore year. After entering a boarding school […]

  • Kaya Wurtzel

    Kaya Wurtzel

    Kaya started playing ultimate in elementary school. She currently plays for the Paideia School’s varsity girl’s team, Groove. In the summer, Kaya also plays for Atlanta’s girl’s YCC team, Catlanta. Kaya looks forward to teaching campers about spirit of the game and and showing them how fun ultimate can be. She has hosted other CITs […]