Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Lauren Pichard

    Lauren Pichard

    Lauren Pichard has been playing ultimate since middle school and developed a passion for the sport through its strong sense of community and core value: Spirit Of The Game. She first discovered Ultimate Peace through a school project in a history class called The Modern Middle East and resonated strongly with the organization’s mission and […]

  • Noah Ball-Burack

    Noah Ball-Burack

    Noah Ball-Burack has been playing Ultimate on school teams since fifth grade. When he started playing for Berkeley High Coup, his high school’s team, Ultimate became a prominent part of his life. Entering a school of 3,400 students, the freshman Ultimate team quickly became his second family. Not only did the sport itself become Noah’s […]

  • Mickey (Michael) Walsh

    Mickey (Michael) Walsh

    Mickey fell in love with ultimate in 2012 and has been playing ever since. He is currently a student at Carleton College where he spends the majority of his time studying and the rest playing ultimate. He is excited to return to Camp UP to continue trying to create the world that ought to be.

  • Tanya Bearson

    Tanya Bearson

    Tanya Bearson began playing Ultimate Frisbee at camps sponsored by Bay Area Disc Association (BADA) when she was eight. Ever since then she has been devoted to the sport. From day one out on the field, Tanya could tell Ultimate was something special. As she pursued frisbee more seriously, Tanya realized what she valued so […]

  • Leija Helling

    Leija Helling

    Leija fell in love with ultimate in middle school and hasn’t looked back since. She recently graduated from high school in Amherst, Massachusetts where she captained her varsity team and devoted herself to the ultimate community. She has also played for and captained Boston’s youth club team, BUDA, and cannot wait to continue her competitive […]