WFDF Becomes Ultimate Peace Fiscal Sponsor
Dec. 2010

We are very excited to share that the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has agreed to become our new fiscal sponsor!

Since Ultimate Peace became a Non-Profit Corporation in June of 2010, we have been working on our application to become a tax-exempt organization. While we are finalizing that process and waiting for approval, we still must have a fiscal sponsor to enable all donations to be tax deductible. Due to operational challenges, we needed to move on from our first fiscal sponsor, International Humanities Center, so we approached WFDF, who graciously offered to act as our fiscal sponsor during this transition period. This new partnership enables us to continue to accept donations through WFDF on a tax-exempt basis in the United States.

WFDF serves as the international governing body of all flying disc sports, with responsibility for sanctioning world championship and other international flying disc events, establishing uniform rules, and setting standards for and recording of world records all while promoting and protecting the spirit of the game of flying disc sports play. WFDF promotes flying disc sports play throughout the world and foster the establishment of new national associations, advising them on all flying disc sports activities and general management. They promote and raise public awareness of and lobby for official recognition of flying disc play as sport and provide an international forum for discussion on all aspects of flying disc sports.

Ultimate players and flying disc participants occasionally ask for support from their governing bodies for various specific needs or reasons. WFDF, having made a small grant to Ultimate Peace in 2009 to support our 2010 events, has already shown their support of Ultimate Peace. By assisting as fiscal partner, they are further building upon that effort.

Please take a moment to learn more about the work of WFDF on their website. They play a very important role as a governing body for Ultimate and all other flying disc sports: