Acco, Israel

July 10-18, 2011

Ultimate Peace brings Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and Arab Israelis together to play the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, and much more. In the summer of 2011 our residential camp hosted 175 youth and 45 community leaders from all three communities. The 12 multi-cultural boys and girls teams that were formed practiced, ate, and competed side-by-side every day. The experience was nothing short of magical, as boundaries blurred and youth and adults bonded on and off the field – hope was alive.

Read what the campers say about Camp UP:
  • Together from breakfast ’til dinner. Much love, smiling, playing, enjoying – a very big family. Sisters and brothers from other countries and different culture. A family brighter than the sun, calm inside the storm.Yasmeen, a camper from Tamra, Israel reflecting on Camp UP 2010, via Facebook
  • “You (coaches and kids) make me feel like a special person, and I wanna saythat the peace is the most important thing, and it most invade the whole world,just like our camp …. right ?”Areen, on Facebook

It is important to mention that Ultimate Peace is a volunteer-driven organization, but we still require substantial contributions from generous donors to provide these life-changing services. Each donation makes a big difference, so please go to our donations page and check out the different ways you can help, and see what cool premium gifts we have for you!


2011 UP Camp Staff