What will bring peace in the Middle East, and who will make it last? Regardless of politics and politicians, Ultimate Peace envisions a future in which the youth of today drive the sustainable peace of tomorrow – sharing experiences, developing relationships, building understandings, working together.

In partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, this year our annual residential camp hosted 175 youth and 35 community leaders from 14 Arab and Jewish communities in the region. They practiced, ate, and competed side-by-side every day. Boundaries blurred, friendships formed, and a beautiful community of hope came alive. (read more)

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Comments from a CampUP July 2011 Camper:

What Im about to say may be a good point for you because Im an Arab girl who started to get in the Ultimate community through the UP camp.To be honest, before the camp I was like most of the Arab kids – shy and not confident and strange when it comes to facing Jews, I thought they dont like us and I never really tried to talk and get along with them. I was living in a country that is divided into two different worlds – Arabs and Jews.

However, starting the first camp was a turning point! My two divided worlds became one connected and more like one family. UP has changed me 100% and Im really thankfull for every moment I spent there.
What I felt different about this camp is that they give you all the confidence that you need in yourself to achieve anything with all the cheering and the high-fives, laughes and smiles. When youre in Ultimate Peace, youre a family member!

Since then, my whole life changed, I LOVED the coaches and ADORED the game. Ultimate has become my goal in life – and Im not talking only about the game itself, when I say Ultimate I mean the whole ultimate community.