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Becca Tucker

Chris Kosednar

Chris Kosednar

Chris grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and began playing frisbee in middle school. He went to Carleton College, as captain lead lead the team to a national championship in 2009, and graduated 3 weeks after. During a summer of traveling in 2010, Chris played at Club worlds with an Italian team and hopped down to Israel for Camp UP. Chris lives in Seattle, plays on Sockeye, and takes photographs in his spare time. Camp UP was an amazing and incredible experience and he was happy to be a part of it.

Dan Curme

Daniel Curme

Hometown: Seattle, Washington (Grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota)

Ultimate experience: I started playing in 2005 in high school in Minnesota where I grew up, at Hopkins, HS. I played for the Carleton Ultimate Team (CUT) and won a national college championship in 2009. I am currently recovering from an extensive hip surgery and am looking forward to playing during the 2012 season!

How I got involved: Camp UP is a perfect combination of my passions and interests: ultimate Frisbee, understanding and solving the Arab-Israeli conflict, traveling in the Middle East, working with and teaching kids, and working in non-profits. I am so happy and proud to have worked at Camp UP for two summers and am super excited for Camp UP 2012!

Danny Karlinsky

David Bestock

Dan Tapuach

Hannah Kreilkamp

Joe Gara

Liz Duffy

Sam Kanner

Sam Kanner

Sam Kanner was born and raised in Amherst, MA. He learned to play Ultimate at a very young age and worked his way through the most accomplished and successful HS programs in the country – Amherst Regional HS. Sam co-captained at Carleton College with fellow coach Chris Kosednar in their 2009 championship season, graduated from Carleton College in 2010, and took the place of his studious sister at Camp UP. Sam is working on his Ph.D in engineering at UC Berkeley and plays for Revolver.

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