We are very fortunate to have so many organizations we consider to be part of our team. Ultimate Peace has established significant and important relationships with organizations, companies, foundations and non-profits who we are proud to call our Partners.

Our partners recognize the value of partnering with Ultimate Peace for a number of reasons. The principal one is they want to help us achieve our goals of bringing understanding to the peoples of the Middle East, and they want to be associated with a cause that resonates so deeply with their customers. We are proud to highlight our Partners on our website and beyond.

Through these special Partnerships, we have continually striven to advance the UP mission in unique and meaningful ways, by gaining invaluable contributions and assistance. We are grateful to all of our Partners for coming along with us on this very exciting journey. A huge UP “Thank You” to our Partners In Peace Building.

If you are interested in discussing becoming a UP Partner, please contact us.

Corporate Partners:

Our Corporate Partners provide us with the opportunity to reach other supporters through avenues beyond our own. Their commitment to our work is heartening and their ability to engage their customers and employees in our efforts has far reaching impacts.

Corporate Partners offer us in kind contributions, providing gear for our campers and enabling us to not only save our valuable funds for programs, but to offer our participants quality gear that would otherwise not be available to them. Corporate Partners also give us discounts on products for fundraising efforts (sales and premium gifts).

Five Ultimate donates 20% of sales from Ultimate Peace products back to us, so you can support UP and get sweet gear at the same time!

X-COM Ultimate


Project Partners:

Our Project Partners are the organizations who, each in their own way, are doing work on the ground to support and compliment our work. Facilitating fundraising efforts of significant magnitude, offering essential administrative support, and being an integral part of our programmatic organization. Our Project Partners provide an important and unique role in our development, sustainability and organizational capacity.

Ultimate Players Association of Colombia

World Flying Disc Federation

The Great Canadian Ultimate Game

Fresh Ulitmate

Funding Partners:

Through the generosity of our Funding Partners, we are able to move ahead with each step of our program planning. these family foundations provide us with a level of support that allows us to run our programs while simultaneously fundraise through other avenues. We are forever thankful for their commitment to our mission and for their exceptional generosity.

Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild Foundation)

Pinion Street Foundation

Marcia Brady Foundation