Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Summer Camp Beginnings

    Dani Glass writes about the ins and outs of getting Ultimate Peace’s summer camp up and started.

  • The Big Day

    Elliot Blumberg writes about disappearing anxieties and the excitement of meeting campers for the first time.

  • Reflections On Training Camp

    Long-time Ultimate player and UP coach Jim Levine talks about his post-training camp experience. Following a recuperative post-camp day of rafting with other coaches, Elijah and I boarded a 7:15 train from Akko to Tel Aviv. As is now our Israel train custom we took out a deck of cards and started with a few […]

  • The Last Night of Camp

    UP Coach Dani Glass shares more of her thoughts on what she’s learned at Camp Ultimate Peace. He was 12, I was 17. He was dark-skinned and I light-skinned, he spoke no English and I no Arabic. But none of that mattered; we were just two people. So began a description of my experiences with […]

  • The Moments We Live For

    UP Coach Dani Glass talks about a day at Training Camp 2013. Weve only just finished Day 3 of camp, but already the days are beginning to blur together in a whirlwind of practice, activities, personalities, and languages. The sun and our long hours has gotten to me and I am falling asleep while writing […]