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  • Change Is Good

    We are reminded that change is good – it means growth, renewal, and at least for me, a chance to have an unscripted adventure in my otherwise hyper organized life. There were many changes this year – a change in venue, in the enlarged coaching staff, the combination of summer and training camp running simultaneously, […]

  • 175 Grams

    I had the words a few minutes ago. I sit down to write, though, and I realize they’re fleeting. My mind goes back and forth, wanting to write and share, and then wanting to close my eyes until sleep takes me. But I’m going to write. They’re mere words, and while they’ll never be enough, […]

  • Peace Fighters

    UP Coach Dani Glass writes in about how UP has changed her, and her faith in how UP campers will change the world. Its late, as usual. But Ive always said that my only decent writing comes after 2:00 in the morning. I know Im not going to be able to sleep, perhaps because of […]