Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Tag: CIT Tour 2014

  • Plane Thoughts

    Six hours and thirteen minutes left until arrival. Or so says the screen on the airplane seat in front of me. Early this morning I left my daily world behind and in a few hours, tomorrow morning in the Middle East, I’ll be stepping foot into the world I never really left behind when I […]

  • UP Tour 2014 Taking Chicago by Storm

    Following the great time we had playing in the Paideia Cup in Atlanta, Asmaa, Mais, Yonatan, Hassan, and Rotem, with Abe in tow, flew to Chicago to introduce the Windy City to Ultimate Peace.  After taking in scenic Lake Shore Drive and Northwestern University’s Evanston campus, we shared in a Passover seder at Glass home […]

  • UP Tour 2014 Plays Ultimate

    The Ultimate Peace Tour 2014 finished its first week in the United States today, with groups leaving heading to separate places. Overall, the boys and girls tournaments, Atlanta-friend-making, and fundraising all went great! After a few days touring and speaking in New York, going to Atlanta was meant to be focused on playing ultimate. The […]

  • UP Tour 2014 Arrives in Atlanta

    The Ultimate Peace Tour 2014 landed in Atlanta today to great weather and new, wonderful friends. The second stop on the CIT Tour is happening! Everyone landed at the Atlanta airport and was greeted with balloons and posters. Because its Ben’s hometown, he brought his cousin to meet us at the airport. All the CITs […]

  • UP Tour 2014 Day #1

    New York greeted Ultimate Peace’s Friendship Tour 2014 with some wind and rain, free hugs and amazing hospitality! The UP Tour 2014 is now in full swing! All twelve Coaches in Training (CITs) departed from Tel Aviv early Monday morning…and before taking off they took about fifty selfies. We arrived in New York in two […]