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  • Reflections from a Visiting Coach

    When I arrived in Tel Aviv in October, I thought the following three months would play out like this: classes, internship, research, some new casual friends, and an anecdote or two about what I would be studying – “conflict in the Middle East.” It seemed like a typical semester abroad. But that’s not what I […]

  • Teachable Moments

    This past weekend, I played in a fun one day hat tournament.  There were grizzled veterans and fresh faced newbies, players who have been chasing plastic for 20+ years playing alongside some who have been for fewer than 20 days. These tournaments can bring out some of the best and worst in Ultimate players.  So […]

  • In The End, Winning On And Off The Field

    This past Saturday, UP held it’s season ending event: UP Games.  Teams from UP communities from across the region came together at a field in suburban Tel Aviv for a day of game.  Players played as community teams against other communities.  This marked the end of a packed year where a dozen different communities had […]

  • Timeout

    When you’re four, timeout is the dreaded penance for slathering your little brother in mayonnaise or wearing your mother’s heels into the creek. But at some point, there comes a switch when timeout goes from being a feared punishment to a coveted, delectable escape. Four-year-olds don’t get that yet. I don’t remember if I got […]

  • Defining Truth

    Today’s lesson is to try to define truth. The peace-makers often say “my truth” and “your truth,” but can truth also be objective? Depends on who you talk to (or whether you choose to talk at all)… I have crossed the Wall. (Kind of like in Stardust, except sans Robert De Niro in a tutu.) […]