Tag: Connections

  • Reflections from a Visiting Coach

    When I arrived in Tel Aviv in October, I thought the following three months would play out like this: classes, internship, research, some new casual friends, and an anecdote or two about what I would be studying – “conflict in the Middle East.” It seemed like a typical semester abroad. But that’s not what I […]

  • Plane Thoughts

    Six hours and thirteen minutes left until arrival. Or so says the screen on the airplane seat in front of me. Early this morning I left my daily world behind and in a few hours, tomorrow morning in the Middle East, I’ll be stepping foot into the world I never really left behind when I […]

  • Train Stations, Beaches, and Connections

    It was early in the morning and I was at the train station in Acco, about to undertake the nearly 24-hour journey back to Chicago. A moment occurred – a moment like any other, but at the same time it proved to be so much more. It was a moment of eye contact – of […]