Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Teachable Moments

    This past weekend, I played in a fun one day hat tournament.  There were grizzled veterans and fresh faced newbies, players who have been chasing plastic for 20+ years playing alongside some who have been for fewer than 20 days. These tournaments can bring out some of the best and worst in Ultimate players.  So […]

  • A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

    I wrote a post after camp last summer about answering the question “how was camp?” I wrote about how impossible of a question that was to answer; I wrote about how the response could not be given in casual conversation and it pained me to continue into anything less than a heartfelt dialogue. I’ve often […]

  • Traveling After Camp

    For the past several months, I have been living in Israel. The majority of my time I spent studying abroad with Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), along with 29 American and Canadian teenagers. While we spent Sunday through Friday morning in school, Saturday was generally our day off or “Open Shabbat”, and an […]