If You Are an Alumni of UP…

Thank you for playing a role in moving UP forward and you’ll be excited to learn what’s new.

A Program for Life: UP Year-Round – The UP Year-Round program is designed to engage youth through middle and high school, and well into adulthood. Now running throughout the school year, UP offers all 14 communities a continuum of activities from September to June. Community team practices, league games, large quarterly tournaments, and special events enable ongoing engagement. Camp UP, held in July, is a culmination of the year’s activities, and its full immersion approach is a major highlight and catalyst for increasing year-round participation.

“Leadership in Training” (LIT) (previously called CIT) bolsters teen involvement through high school. Ultimate Peace has worked hard to build the LIT program, a comprehensive 3-year Leadership-in-Training program for Middle Eastern teens. Our vision was to create groundbreaking developmental training that would enhance and enrich the high school years of participants, while preparing them to be future leaders and change-makers within Ultimate Peace, inside their communities, and in the Middle East. The program is thriving and is now training its 5th year cohort, with an average of 15 teens in each one. A new employment program is being designed to provide internships and ultimately hire LIT’s as coaches, staff, and administrators.

Thank you again for your awesome past support, and please consider helping Ultimate Peace financially now.

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Ultimate Peace is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered with the US Internal Revenue Service. Your donations made to Ultimate Peace, Inc. are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

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What Your Donations Help Ultimate Peace Acquire:

  • $300 – Pay for one youth to participate in the Ultimate Peace year-round program (community team, cross-cultural league, tournaments)
  • $500 – Buy uniforms and discs for one community team
  • $600– Send one youth to weeklong overnight camp
  • $2500 – Pay for three youths to participate in 9 month Youth Leadership Program (Leaders-in-Training)
  • $5000 – Fund one multi-cultural tournament for 200 youth from 20 communities
  • $10,000 – Pay for an entire community team from a UP village of your choice to attend Camp UP
  • $20,000 – Fund a UP fellowship for one year – one USA fellow will develop two new communities, one in the West Bank, one in Israel
  • $50,000 – Purchase a large van to transport youth and staff to activities in the West Bank and Israel