Getting Involved!

All of us at Ultimate Peace are extremely proud of our accomplishments as a volunteer-driven organization. There are several ways we welcome you to become part of our team. Many of our volunteers, who have been with the organization now for 4-5 years, started by getting in touch with us and asking how they could get involved. Some did bake sales, others ran tournaments, and several applied to be coaches in for our summer camp programs. Wherever they began, it led for many a long-term commitment and life changing experiences. We welcome your interest and support.

Coaching: Year-Round Program

Becca LeadingUltimate Peace has volunteer openings for our Year-round Community based program in the Middle East.  If you live or will be spending a significant amount of time in the Middle East, we welcome new coaches into our program.  More information about the program can be found in the Year-round section of this website.  If you have an interest in speaking with someone from our staff regarding coaching opportunities, please contact us.

Coaching: Camp Ultimate Peace

Celine CoachingSince 2009, Ultimate Peace Camps have brought together an international group of players, coaches, and volunteers – young and young at heart – using the character building sport of Ultimate Frisbee as our tool. Over several action-packed days, multicultural teams eat together, talk, cheer, play, dance, and inevitably build lasting bridges of friendship.

Ultimate Peace has volunteer lead and assistant coaching opportunities for both our Residential Summer Camp and Training Camp programs, both held in the Middle East.  The selection process for applicants begins mid winter. More information about camp and applications (when the season is right) can be found in the Camp section of this website.

In addition to the Middle East, coaches in the past have come from the US, Canada, Colombia, Australia, China, Germany, England, and China.

UP Fellowship

Started in 2013-2014, the vision of the UP Fellowship is to live out UP’s mission in the Middle East through regularly coaching ultimate, contributing to other aspects of UP including communications and fundraising, and other mission-focused assignments. UP Fellows work to strengthen existing UP communities, build new UP relationships, and impact various other UP activities, like the Coach-in-Training program. The Fellowship plan includes six to nine months of residence in the Middle East, during which time the Fellow has a unique opportunity to grow ultimate in the region and develop professional skills useful across the sports, nonprofit, and management fields.

Ben StretchesSpecific components of the work include coaching youth ultimate every week, liaising with ME and US leaders, and coordinating volunteers. This is a full-time, volunteer position, loosely following the academic year. Ideal candidates have experience in coaching ultimate, event management, and intercultural communication. Arabic and/or Hebrew language skills are very helpful but not required. The Fellow must be willing to travel extensively, should know the Middle East context, identify strongly with Spirit of the Game and UP’s five values, be willing to work alone and in teams, and have a strong sense of humor.

Fundraising: Everyone in Ultimate Peace Fundraises

UP donations go straight to programs, which is why we can do so much with such finite resources. Nonetheless, these programs are costly, and we will continue to need support as we move forward and try to meet the growing needs from the communities. It’s a know fact that everyone in UP fundraises! There are many ways in which that is done and if you have the interest we will help you get started. Here are some of the ways in which volunteers have helped UP over the years.

TournamentEvents: Wine tasting, tournaments, bake sales, indoor all night tournaments, silent auctions, sponsor film in college with like minded group, sell food at tournaments, and the list goes on.  If you want to hold an event, please be in touch.

Grant writing: We are always looking for people to do grant searches and grant writing. If you have experience in this field, please let us know.

Administrative support: Volunteers do some of our donor thank you letters, send out donor gifts, and other correspondence for the organization.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects: We have had several Bar and Bat Mitzvah age students choose to do their Bar or Bat Mitzvah project to benefit Ultimate Peace. Some of these young volunteers have really rocked with fundraising and at the same time learned a lot about our program, the cultural issues of the Middle East and applied their love of Ultimate in a way helped make a difference for the kids in the Middle East. If you have an interest in doing your project for Ultimate Peace, let us know how we can help.

HS senior projects: Capstone projects and others have drawn students to Ultimate Peace. One student, after finishing her project, applied as one of our US CITs and then later became an assistant coach. We are always eager to help HS students plan their project and work with them to see it through. Our last HS senior project was done in Sweden!

We Have DiscsGear/equipment drive: We are always in need of gear in good condition. Several people over the years have volunteered to do disc drives at HS, College and Club tournaments. Always good to talk to the TD and ask if you can set up a big box with UP info and collect used or new discs throughout the day. Sometimes having an email go out to team captains prior to the tournament will give players notice to bring along any donations with them.

Ulti-mates: Ulti-mates is one of our oldest and fondest fundraising efforts of all. An Ulti-mates is a team that raises funds to sponsor a camper for one of our summer camps. Your sponsorship will cover the fees of one camper unable to fund his or her camp fees. The cost needed to raise, to become an Ulti-mates team, is $700. Find out more on the Ulti-Mates page.