Ultimate Peace in Middle East

As part of our Teams Affiliation Program, 12 teams were designated Ulti-Mates. These selected teams played an especially critical role in the development of the Ultimate Peace program.
The role of an Ulti-Mate team was to support one of the “developing” teams that participated in an 2009 Ultimate Peace event.

Riot is thrilled to join Ultimate Peace as an Ulti-mate! We are excited to share our passion for the sport, and promote the positive, supportive and fun culture of Ultimate for the players on our twin team.Maddy Frey, Riot player..
Sockeye is incredibly proud to support the upcoming Ultimate Peace effort in the Middle East.The clinic promises to be an amazing (and, we hope, transformative) experience for the youth involved, and we are thrilled to be playing some small role in that by sending several players as coaches, and by participating as a team as an Ulti-mate. As an Ulti-mate team, we are helping to sponsor one of the youth teams and, perhaps just as importantly, will continue to connect with and support the team in the years to come. We look forward to hundreds Israeli and Palestinian youth growing up peacefully, loving the Fish and loving the sport.
Bodhi Ultimateis proud to take part in the Ulti-Mates program and support the Ultimate Peace project. We hope that our contributions help to spread Ultimate Peace’s message as well as the positive values that our sport promotes on and off the field.Micah Flynn, Captain
Revolveris a team that was founded on the principle of hard work, cooperation, and ethical interactions with teammates and other teams. It’s clear that Ultimate Peace embraces the same principles, so it’s a natural step for Revolver to support your program. We are excited to connect with young players, and more importantly young people, in the Middle East. Rise!Revolver Coach and Captains (Chris McManus, Robbie Cahill, Alexander Ghesquiere, Mike Payne)
Brutesquadcouldn’t be more excited to, as an Ulti-Mate, be a part of Ultimate Peace. The program is the ideal way to spread the spirited and supportive culture of frisbee throughout the world. We are genuinely thrilled.Peri Kurshan, captain of Brutesquad and President of the Board of Directors of the UPA
When the rules are reasonable and the game fun, everyone wins. Boston Ironsidesupports every effort to spread Ultimate, peace, and civility–especially among kids.Ted Munter
The Wisconsin Hodagsare honored to be affiliated with such an awesome and unique program. We give thanks to the individuals who invested the time and effort to make it happen, and are excited to give continued support to the youth involved in the program in the Middle East. If you are searching for a sport whose principles aline with the concept of peace, you need not look further than Ultimate Frisbee.Ben Feldman, Hodags 2007-2011
Dartmouth Ultimateis extremely excited and proud to be participating as an Ulti-Mate. The Pain Train and Princess Layout, along with the entire Dartmouth Ultimate community, would like to thank Ultimate Peace for coordinating the event in Tel Aviv. We can’t think of a more valuable way to share our love for the sport than lending a small hand to this program.Misha – Pain Train Co-Captain
PoNYis proud to add its name to the list of teams supporting Ultimate Peace. We hail from the most multi-cultural city in the US; ours is a team made up of students, lawyers, civil workers, and free-loaders; we are black, brown, white, and yellow. As such, we understand the power that this sport has to bring people together and create mutual understanding and respect. We can’t wait to hear what comes of the first clinic, and look forward to being part of this program as it grows and grows!-PoNY-