In collaboration with WFDF and Ultimate Colombia, UP is planning another groundbreaking event. In the summer of 2013, the World Games will take place in Cali Colombia. Ultimate will be featured prominently in this multi-sport event. Perfectly positioned as the world watches, Ultimate Peace is planning a parallel Ultimate Peace event that will bring together multiple multicultural youth teams from around the world. These Peace Teams will travel to Colombia to play in two UP tournaments, participate in clinics and workshops with top players from around the world, take part in an international celebration of our unique sport, and attend the exciting Ultimate competitions.

From where will these teams come? They will be grassroots teams that are developed between now and then in our Catalyst Program, which nurtures new Ultimate programs sprouting up organically around the world. We have been sending donated discs, cones, instructional DVDs, and gear to places like Panama, Tanzania, and Burma over the last few years, and this year, we will be ramping up our support to help teams develop fully so they may travel to Colombia for this momentous event.

Ultimate Peace already has a strong working relationship with Ultimate Colombia, having provided workshops on sportsmanship and Spirit of the Game to coaches and players in the fall of 2011. Building upon this project and producing this event collaboratively with WFDF not only has the potential to deliver a fantastic happening, but also presents enormous opportunities for all 3 organizations to optimize many different and overlapping aspirations.

If you would like to be part of this event and join the Catalyst Program, please contact us.

Note: Ultimate is listed on the World Games 2013 website as a Trend Sport called Flying Disc.