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Applications for Coaches in Training, Assistant Coaches, and Head Coaches for 2015 Camp UP will be available on the website on December 20th.

Our Mission

Ultimate Peace builds bridges of understanding and friendship between youth who live in communities divided by conflict, using the character building sport of Ultimate Frisbee as our tool.

Our Vision

Thousands of youth who would never otherwise meet due to the conditions of their regional conflicts will apply lessons learned in the UP program and work together to create a brighter future.

Our Beginning

Founded in 2008, Ultimate Peace (UP) set forth to create an innovative, educational, peace-building program for youth that aimed to build bridges of friendship, trust, and leadership through the sport and values of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate). Our first event took place in the spring in 2009, bringing together 120 youth from 8 diverse communities in Israel and the West Bank. The event’s success led to the creation of Camp UP, a groundbreaking residential summer camp. 150 campers attended the first session in 2010. Camp UP now holds two sessions each summer, serving 300 youth in Acco Israel. In 2011 an ongoing program was developed to promote program continuity throughout the school year. A vital youth leadership program (CIT) began concurrently and now engages and trains 45 teens year-round. The idea of Ultimate Peace, the possibility and potential of using Ultimate to bring together youth from opposite sides of a conflict is no longer just a dream. A program has been born in the Middle East, where discs are being thrown, goals are being caught, and high fives are being exchanged between Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youth for the very first time.


Since 2009, Ultimate Peace has achieved many things, including not just becoming a program, but a movement. In the Middle East, the sport has gained immense popularity and official recognition, as many hundreds of youth continue to join and play in UP activities that work to break down rigid social and cultural barriers. In Colombia, Ultimate Peace led a multi-day clinic in 2011 that set the stage for an exciting event that will unite Ultimate Peace youth teams from around the world in Cali, Colombia for the World Games in the summer of 2013. More players, coaches, researchers, event organizers, and sponsors are forging exciting new partnerships with Ultimate Peace every day. And it is just the beginning. Please learn more about 3 of our major initiatives:

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