Our mission is to unite and ignite youth separated by cultural divides through the sport and community of ultimate.

Ultimate is...

One of the fastest growing team sports in the world, self-officiated without referees, rooted in sportsmanship, fairness, and spirited competition.

Peace is...

The experience of personal tranquility and human connection in a shared and safe community.

Ultimate Peace is...

A groundbreaking sports and leadership program that creates space for youth impacted by societal and cultural division to flourish together.

Our Programs

Unifly Middle East

Ultimate Peace was conceived in 2009, as a Middle East-based program designed to bring together youth in the region who would never otherwise meet, to play, create community, and learn new ways of interacting through sport.

Since 2010, Ultimate Peace has provided a dynamic year-round program for over 2,000 self-identified Arab, Palestinian, and Jewish youth from over 20 communities in Israel and the West Bank to pursue these aims.

U.S. Programs

Now that the Middle East program, renamed Unifly, has been enhanced and relaunched, we are excited to apply our learning over the last decade in a US-based overnight summer camp, to directly address our own familiar social and cultural divides.

UP alumni, staff, and Board believe our innovative design has great potential to impact a segment of the next generation of young US leaders.

Help Support the Ultimate Peace US Summer Camp

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Ultimate Peace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that prides itself on achieving highest impact with modest funding.

We provide full or partial scholarships to over 2/3 of our population, to ensure that we are able to attract campers from all walks of life. To continue this, we need your support.