Emily Molloy

Emily began playing ultimate very casually in her freshman year of college when she caught sight of friends from her dorm playing and joined in out of curiosity. She quickly learned that, “when in doubt, you should always throw the hammer”, was tricked into going to one of the tryouts for her university’s club team, and well, the rest is history. She currently lives in Chicago where she plays on a local mixed club team in the summer and helps commission the city’s Goaltimate league throughout the rest of the year (which is the REAL deal, if we’re being honest).

What really drew Emily to the sport is the value of spirit that is encouraged throughout the whole game. She finds it to be so rare to have an activity where dealing with conflict on the field in a healthy manner is encouraged and supported by all sides. This value has taught her a lot about life outside of the sport and has even changed the way she views and manages conflict when it comes up in her personal life. She is so excited to be able to help carry this truth on to and learn more about it from the campers at Ultimate Peace this summer, and secretly/not-so-secretly hopes to spread the love of Goaltimate to all as well!