Peace Colors
Peace Colors

The possibilities of Ultimate Peace are immense and the goals lofty (peace in the Middle East? A massive and complicated endeavor). It is sometimes hard to imagine the longterm impact we will have by what we do today. But sometimes, when in the midst of Camp UP, we get a glimpse of a moment that really shows us the impact of what we are doing. And sometimes that can be as simple a game of catch.

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Photo Gallery – 6/25/14
Video – 6/25/14

Assistant coach Avi Fine shares just such a moment from his day of coaching:

The coolest part of the day for me took place in the pool. Throughout our morning practice, the Jewish kids and the Arab kids were amicable to each other but did not interact much outside of the drills and games we were playing. By the time I arrived at the pool, the kids were already in. In the shallow end were two of the kids on my team, one Jewish and one Arab throwing a frisbee to each other. While the act of throwing a disc is simple (at least for those you know who to throw) the significance of the throw is immense. Here are two 13-year-old boys, who would never have met or interacted and now they are having fun together. I joined them in the pool and was further impressed when they began to incorporate the very things we had learned in practice into their pool frisbee tossing. I love the pool.

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