About Josh Seamon

The view from down under

Though Camp UP is a major highlight for campers and staff alike, the work of Ultimate Peace happens in the Middle East all year round. The Coaches in Training program works to develop the leadership and presentation skills of the amazing young people that are selected to represent UP throughout the world. They truly are the product of all we work for—our face to the world, our ambassadors—as they speak of their experiences, their lives, and the power of the relationships they have developed here.

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The Globe Converges

The cornerstone of Ultimate Peace is Spirit of the Game, an admittedly intangible concept that makes Ultimate both extremely unique in the sporting world and perfect for peace-making efforts. Though hard to define, UP has done the impossible and come up with core values that we believe define and enliven the concept of Spirit: mutual respect, fun, non-violence, integrity, and friendship.

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Through the eyes of a CIT

With the first full day of Camp UP preparation in the books, the entire staff is eagerly awaiting the arrival of campers on Monday. But UP staff new and returning can’t wait for Camp UP to start throughout the year, no matter what their roles might be.

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