Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Let it begin

    Set up for Camps UP 2014 has begun with the arrival of the 120+ staff and CITs arriving at our new home at K’far Silver in lovely Ashqelon. For our first camp post we share initial reflections from an assortment of folks, returners and rookies.

  • My Ultimate Family

    The coaches with UP’s year round program are always an eclectic bunch. There are some transplants from the US, like myself. There are local Israeli born players. And there are the foreigners, the Americans and Europeans who are in the region temporarily for anywhere between two months to four years. These three groups come together to create a cadre of coaches who travel everywhere from Jericho to Tamra, from Binyamina to Ein Rafa, and many places in between. We drive together, coach together, gorge on humus and shwarma together. We share in the ups and downs of a yearlong program coaching in all these communities. We share stories of little kids with amazing forehands, or shy players coming out of their shells. This is a family that goes on a journey together.

  • Kicking Off the Year in Tamra

    We’ve had nearly everything so far this year canceling practices aside from rain. We’ve had holidays, municipal elections, missing buses, unavailable coaches. I’ve been looking forward to the back-to-back practices for the two teams in Tamra ever since it became clear that I would be going there on a regular basis this year. Nothing against […]

  • Looking Back

    I’ve been home for a few days now. People keep asking me, “How was camp?” To which I can’t really respond with anything other than (albeit sincerely) “Camp was incredible.  The kids are amazing.  I’m so lucky to get to work with so many hard-working, committed coaches and staff and to coach such wonderful kids.” […]

  • Peace Fighters

    UP Coach Dani Glass writes in about how UP has changed her, and her faith in how UP campers will change the world. Its late, as usual. But Ive always said that my only decent writing comes after 2:00 in the morning. I know Im not going to be able to sleep, perhaps because of […]