Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

David Bestock

David Bestock

David Bestock hails from Seattle. He has been playing ultimate since 1996, and has coached for seven years. Mostly he just loves to play, and enjoys instilling the joy of the sport in his teammates and the kids he coaches. He has been privileged to be successful at the highest levels of the sport, and values the respect among competitors so prevalent in the sport of Ultimate.

David also plays soccer, basketball, and loves staying active and getting out into the wilderness. He has worked as an environmental educator, collaborating with high school groups to plan and facilitate service projects around the Puget Sound area. He likes working with young people because of their fresh perspective and tireless want to improve the world around them.

David recently completed a video project in Sudan, working with The Carter Center to educate three different tribes about public health issues and disease control. He now continues to do freelance video work, as well as music and theater production. He also works part time as a substitute teacher.

In addition to his work in Sudan, hes traveled a bit around Europe and in Morocco. Hes not yet been to the Middle East, and is very excited to go, particularly with Ultimate Peace and the goal of sharing both sport and culture.