Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

Author: Abe

  • Heartbeats

    It was the last night of camp. I’d had a long week, as we all had; I was tired, stressed, and utterly exhausted. We gathered for the last closing circle. I wanted to be more excited about it, be more emotionally invested at that moment but to be completely honest, I felt weary. But I […]

  • Returning Home a Better Person

    Camp Ultimate Peace has ended after months of fundraising, a week with campers, and multiple days spent in transit. I am currently on the flip side of the largest adventure I have ever been on. Sure, I’ve had only 16 years of adventures, but I can’t imagine Camp UP ever leaving the top of my […]

  • Remembering

    Today I thanked a waiter at a restaurant for bringing me extra napkins by shaking my hands at him because my mouth was full and I needed to express my gratitude. When my dad bought me fresh orange juice from a stand in Jerusalem I looked him in the eye and said “I really appreciate […]

  • Homesick

    Well friends, I am officially homesick. Or, to be more precise, I have finally realised that I am homesick. It’s not something I am particularly used to feeling-one more thing pulling me outside of my comfort zone. I used to think that one would outgrow things like this. That homesickness was something my ten-year-old campers […]

  • 2016 LIT Graduation

    2016 LIT Graduation

    Last night, Camp Ultimate Peace celebrated the graduation of 13 leaders in training from UP’s signature leadership development program. This class represents the largest class in the five-year history of the program, and the ceremony featured both personal and fun examples of the teenagers’ growth through the three years. The event had three unique components: […]