Josh will be turning thirteen in April, and his Bar Mitzvah is in May of 2015. For his Bar Mitzvah project Josh has chosen to support Ultimate Peace.  He thought of supporting UP because he has been around Frisbee since he was six months old and is family friends with many of the people who run UP. Both of his parents had really long careers in Ultimate, playing at the highest level.

Josh chose UP for his project because he is connected to Ultimate and Israel through his Jewish school (BZAEDS). Josh thinks it’s cool to know he is working to make the everyday lives of people he learns about better. In his spare time, Josh plays soccer and basketball for his travel and school teams.  He even plays on an Ultimate team, which his Dad helps coach.  He loves hanging out with his friends and family.

Josh would greatly appreciate any donations to help the organization that he and his family are deeply connected to.