Marc has been playing ultimate for over 20 years. He started playing in the mid 1980s, organizing games at his high school, before going on to play his college years at Iowa and Stanford.

He then went on to found and captain several of the great Bay Area teams (Saucy Jack, Jam, Revolver) that have been been at the top of USA Ultimate for many years.  During that time Marc was elected captain of his team 7 times, chosen for his abilities as a key strategist and inspirational player.

In 2005, Marc traveled to Israel to teach and coach – this had a great impact on him and it has been his dream to return and expand the mission of what had been done.

Ultimate Peace is the fulfillment of his desire to bring the best of Ultimate to promote harmony through play. Marc is regarded as both a great Ultimate Player because of his skills, his leadership, and his exemplary spirit.