Rena Clark lives and works in Health Care in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA. Started playing Ultimate Frisbee at the age of 25 while completing a Masters of Science Degree. My friend Mike F. in the laboratory talked very animatedly about 2 topics, how Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the best TV series ever and how Ultimate Frisbee is the best sport ever. Took him about a year to get me on board, but am very thankful he introduced me to both! Since that time I have become very involved with not only the sport, but also the amazing community and people that I have met and enriched my life. My involvement includes: Co-Captaining the women’s team Locust in Saskatoon, Co-Founding the women’s winter indoor league SINFUL, Lead/Organizer for 2 large scale Prairies WUT? WUT? women’s ultimate training camps, Co-Coaching and mentor for the Juniors team GEO, and played Canadian Nationals at the mixed and women’s levels three times, hopefully a fourth this summer with the Master’s Women’s team. Other interests that I spend my time on include: fundraising, reading, travelling, drinking patio wine, savoring chocolate and fine local foods, playing or watching other sports (skating, hiking, x-country skiing, basketball, volleyball, mini-golf, cross-fit, etc.). I do not have children but adore my younger Sister’s two sons and two daughters like they are my own and strive to be very involved in their lives and help make this world a better place for them to grow up in.