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Ultimate Peace was conceived and developed by its three founders: Dr. David Barkan, Linda Sidorsky and Dori Yaniv. Linda and David currently lead the organization, bringing expertise and experience from multiple domains of interest. David and Linda are committed to building the organization into an entity that can be increasingly inclusive, adaptable, and relevant.

David Barkan

David Barkan - Chief Executive Officer & Founder

David lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He also volunteers year-round for Ultimate Peace, and is the Director of Camp UP in Acco Israel every summer.  David has led many Ultimate teams over the course of his thirty-year career to compete at the highest national and international levels of the sport.  He has coached youth Ultimate for over 30 years on 4 continents, won a world championship as a player in 1995, and was inducted into the USA Ultimate Hall of Fame in 2010....

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Linda Sidorsky

Linda Sidorsky - Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Linda lives in rural western Massachusetts in the small town of Shelburne Falls. She is one of the co-founders of Ultimate Peace along with David Barkan and Dori Yaniv. As an unpaid volunteer she devotes her time and energy all year to Ultimate Peace as the organization’s COO. She is also the Director of Operations and oversees “Measurements...

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Dori Yaniv

Dori Yaniv - Founder

Dori has been playing, teaching, and competing with a frisbee since 1993. Since the moment he discovered the flying disc he knew he had found his passion and yearned to spread the word worldwide. While Dori served in the academic reserve and IDF as an industrial and management engineer, he spent his free time teaching and promoting frisbee in Israel. During that period, he also competed and excelled in two World Flying Discs Championships in 1999 and 2001....

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Nancy Melrose

Nancy Melrose - Director of Educational Programs & Youth Leadership Consultant

Nancy has been an avid follower and supporter of Ultimate for over 20 years.  She oversees and creates the daily schedule and programming for our campers!  She also supervises staff, advises the youth leadership/CIT program, and serves as a key problem solver.  Nancy resides in California but lived in Israel for many years where she received training in experiential/informal education and taught high school students and adults from around the world. This led her to designing and guiding trips...

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Miranda Knowles

Miranda Knowles - Director of Coaching

Miranda (Roth) Knowles found ultimate frisbee as a high school athlete and within in the following 3 years transferred all her hard work, athleticism, leadership and sportsmanship from basketball and soccer to be a full-time frisbee player. Once fully dedicated, she never looked back, winning junior worlds for the United States, the Callahan Award while playing for Carleton College and soon after 2 national championships with Seattle Riot and a World Games championship with the USA. Most recently...

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Karym Barhom

Karym Barhom - Middle East Regional Director

In 2009, Karym was introduced to Frisbee at Ultimate Peace’s first event in Tel Aviv. From 2007-2011, Karym studied and received his Bachelors of Arts in Informal Education at Beit Berl College in Kfar Saba. Karym’s extensive background in playing and coaching soccer was a natural fit for Ultimate. His work experience includes coaching many kids and young adults in Soccer, which he continues today. He also worked for five years as an Activities Director for Noar HaOved in Tel Aviv...

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