It’s a powerful sight to behold the formidable line of UP Summer Camp staff stretching for 40 meters holding hands.  We are a line of visionaries, world changers, the leaders of today and tomorrow, beautiful individuals, and pure energy.  We are Coaches, LITs (Leaders-In-Training), North American, European, Middle Eastern, new and seasoned — and we are united by purpose.

In the middle of gathering, meetings, chatting, this activity brought the reality of our outside lives into our little bubble. Our differences pull us apart, creating tension. Our eyes are opened to the inevitable truth of backgrounds and experiences we cannot choose, things that could divide us. Regardless, we hold on to each other, our beliefs, and our trust to uphold Ultimate Peace.

We see the incredible power that unites us through our diversity and give a voice to the idea of connection.  Together as we stand in our line each in our own place, we remain connected.  We are one beautiful team holding each other UP!

Today we get our Summer Camp Campers. We will work tirelessly to connect these individuals to be part of our powerful and beautiful human chain through the five core values of Ultimate Peace: FUN, FRIENDSHIP, INTEGRITY, MUTUAL RESPECT, and NON-VIOLENCE.