Ultimate Peace Will Return Soon…

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  • Day 3: Fun

    Day 3: Fun

    At camp we play a ton of ultimate.  Discs soar through the air at any given moment.  It is a part of our unique UP culture and part of what helps define it is a focus on the 5 values, which are intertwined into everything we do. Today we will focus on fun!  It actually […]

  • Day 2: Mutual Respect

    Day 2: Mutual Respect

    Day 2: Mutual Respect Brown eyes. Blue eyes. We don’t always have words.  For instance, what are the ways we show love? Or appreciation? How can people communicate without speaking the same language? There are moments and situations that do not require the languages of our raising.  Here we return to our first native, human […]

  • Day 1: Welcome and Friendship

    Day 1: Welcome and Friendship

    Buses arrive, kids come out and the magic begins. They enter the UP world underneath a thatched roof of clapping hands, singing and dancing. Teams and rooms are assigned as youth hop on the bright field where music and festivities continue in a maelstrom of joy. Hands are shaken, ecstatic hugs are exchanged, discs fly […]

  • Connections


    It’s a powerful sight to behold the formidable line of UP Summer Camp staff stretching for 40 meters holding hands.  We are a line of visionaries, world changers, the leaders of today and tomorrow, beautiful individuals, and pure energy.  We are Coaches, LITs (Leaders-In-Training), North American, European, Middle Eastern, new and seasoned — and we […]

  • Looking Back

    I’ve been home for a few days now. People keep asking me, “How was camp?” To which I can’t really respond with anything other than (albeit sincerely) “Camp was incredible.  The kids are amazing.  I’m so lucky to get to work with so many hard-working, committed coaches and staff and to coach such wonderful kids.” […]