Day 3: Fun

by | Jul 17, 2019

At camp we play a ton of ultimate.  Discs soar through the air at any given moment.  It is a part of our unique UP culture and part of what helps define it is a focus on the 5 values, which are intertwined into everything we do. Today we will focus on fun! 

It actually started the night before with the North American LITs (Leaders in Training) organizing an olympic evening. It kicked off by a round of flags and cheers created on the first day as a team bounding activity. Followed by well-known fun games: wha, human pyramid, hoola-hoops, races, and so on. What a fun time to reinforce team connections and one of UP value.
And then next day, today, our 1st year Middle Eastern LITs provided a special morning program. These incredible young adults coordinated more than 2 hours of activities for the whole camp, with dozens of work hours and training to achieve success! Under the hot sun, we were challenged to all types of funkyness: dancing, singing, karaoke, an agility course, and a slip & slide with layouts!

This same sun brings us beautiful sunsets we can enjoy after dinner during field time.  Here discs flow through the air while speakers blow music in the air, inviting everyone to join the fun through dance. No need for translation as music is the language of our soul.

I can hear more music along with the splashes and laughter from the swimming pool. Nothing could be more refreshing and thrilling, than the gigantic human whirlpool we created all together, throwing laughter in the air, as round and round we go.

And that is not all! Every afternoon the kids can attend a club to prepare for the talent show.  These include music, dance, photography, gymnastics & acroyoga. Or they can choose different activities like throwing games, freestyle frisbee, slacklining, yoga, and art conducted by coaches with multiple interests!

Finally the truth is that ultimate frisbee is FUN.

Running, catching, throwing, offence, and defence are FUN.

Drills, games, huddles, and spirit games are FUN.

Dancing, cheering, high fives, connecting are FUN.

Now you can see why FUN became one of UP values, present at all time as it enhances our playing through stronger connection. No need to wonder why we love our sport so much and its uplifting spirit.