Ultimate Peace 2014
I gave ten days of myself to Ultimate Peace;
I gave my voice in quiet conversation and top of my lungs cheers until my throat was raw;
Jim Imparts KnowledgeI gave my often-dated Frisbee knowledge and tried to step aside to let the next generation fill in all the gaps;
I gave high fives too numerous to count, hugs to people of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds, and smiles when that seemed to be the easiest form of communication;
I gave my spirit (yeah, yeah);
I gave a couple ounces of blood, gallons of sweat, and a few tears at the CIT graduation and our team’s closing circle;
I gave one layout that drew more cheers for the age of the person laying out than the layout itself;
I gave all of my energy for 16-18 hours a day until I was sure that I could sleep standing up.
And yet I received way more than I gave.
Thank you – Shukran – Toda