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UP Games 2016

UP Games 2016

The second major event of the Ultimate Peace Middle East program year included more than 150 participants from Israeli Jewish and Arab communities!  At most UP events, players are put on teams with players from other communities.  This time, they got to play with the teams they practice with each week, a great opportunity for the players to put into practice what they are learning from their coaches on the field, as well as off the field.  The spirit was high as teams competed and cheered all day.

Once again, Leaders in Training took responsibility for putting together the event.  Some helped build the schedule, some helped coordinate their communities’ transportation, one took the pictures attached to this post, and many helped to coach their community’s teams across the six fields in two divisions.

A dozen or so volunteer coaches also gave of their Friday to coach with the community’s that they coach in.  There were even a couple of new coaches experiencing UP for the first time.

After the players left to return home, the coaches and LITs hung around on the field for a little ultimate of their own.  A spirited game followed where the 2nd year LITs had the opportunity to play together as a team in preparation for the Friendship Tour to Washington, DC and Denver next month.

When the field time expired, the coaches retired to a nearby restaurant for some much needed refueling before returning home.  The LITs, on the other hand stayed at the site and continued their weekend in discussions and planning.  The 1st year LIT group worked on getting ready for summer camp, and the 2nd year LITs continued their  preparations for their trip to the US.

Hiba Directing
Hiba welcoming everyone at the beginning of the day.

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