Tag: Camp 2014

  • A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

    I wrote a post after camp last summer about answering the question “how was camp?” I wrote about how impossible of a question that was to answer; I wrote about how the response could not be given in casual conversation and it pained me to continue into anything less than a heartfelt dialogue. I’ve often […]

  • Change Is Good

    We are reminded that change is good – it means growth, renewal, and at least for me, a chance to have an unscripted adventure in my otherwise hyper organized life. There were many changes this year – a change in venue, in the enlarged coaching staff, the combination of summer and training camp running simultaneously, […]

  • Seashells

    I found a seashell in my bed the other day. You can tell it’s old – all of the edges are worn away and its ridges are smooth. I picked it up to try to figure out where it came from, and my room faded into the backdrop as I remembered sitting on the grainy […]

  • A Dramatic Summer at Camp Ultimate Peace

    A Dramatic Summer at Camp Ultimate Peace

    What an extraordinarily complicated and emotional summer it has been thus far. Below is our story from this dramatic camp season and a bit about how we are dealing with the current upheaval in the Middle East. Due to the 30 days of Ramadan coming early this summer, we had to conclude both sessions of […]

  • Thoughts and Reflections on Camp

    I’m back in the US now, sitting at JFK, and still not sure what I’m feeling about the last 10 days. I have mixed emotions – maybe it’s the exhaustion setting in. I’m watching the airport wake up, people rushing from one flight to another. Then I look at my watch and it’s lunchtime now. […]